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The official 1xbet website in South Korea is closed. It can be accessed through alternative sources, which are needed to bypass the blockage. 1xbet 우회 makes visiting the betting platform safe. Player profile information remains fully protected through SSL encryption. A backup copy can be used for authorisation. The information provided in the form is copied and stored on all mirrors.

What 1xbet mirror offers

The largest betting operator 1xbet has no competition in South Korea. Only this bookmaker can offer the most favourable deals in sports and gambling. The site is translated into Korean and account payments are made in popular currencies, including South Korean won.

In South Korea, any kind of money betting is prohibited. To enter, players apply 1xbet 우회 providers at alternative addresses.

On the mirror of the site retains the full range of services:

  • A sports market of 35 disciplines;
  • Virtual sports and cyber games;
  • Slot machine library of 5000 titles;
  • Betting on totalisator and stock exchange;
  • Instant deposits and withdrawals worldwide.

The database of actual mirrors is constantly updated. Specialists all the time make sure that players receive timely 1xbet 우회 blocked site.

How to solve the problem of access to the site 1xbet

Blocking a site can be external, when providers move another mirror to the blacklist. But there are also internal problems that can be solved only with the participation of the support service.

Among the main access issues:

  • Blocking of the player’s account due to fraudulent activities;
  • Closure of the user account due to the use of illegal schemes in betting;
  • Account deactivation due to the account being used in money laundering.

The site may be blocked for the period of technical works. The operator notifies about it in advance.

If the site mirror does not open, you will have to find a new source of entry or use alternative methods (browsers with built-in proxy, private virtual networks and applications).


1xbet 우회 of the official site is backed up. Customers who want to constantly play on bets are obliged to find the source of entry, authorise and deposit money to the account. Access addresses are constantly updated. The company places them in articles of advertising nature, in blogs, in the official Telegram channel and other social messengers.

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