Chinese Hospital Internship

Acupuncturist and Admin Xi Yang recently departed for an internship at a hospital in China. Read on to learn more about what she is doing there!

By Xi Yang, Lic.Ac.

Guangzhou Guanxi Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), has a rich tradition and can be traced back almost 300 years. The hospital is mostly well known for its treatment of orthopedic and trauma patients. It also has two renowned departments specializing in treating spondylosis and herniated discs. With 185 staff member that includes 17 TCM doctors, it is responsible for hundreds of patients a day and serves as a teaching hospital for Guangzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine School.   

The hospital has been exploring ways to incorporate western medicine’s diagnostic and imaging tools into helping patients in a traditional medical setting. It is equipped with MRI, CT, ECT, DSA vascular machine, large-scale fully automated analyzer, color Doppler ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and other modern medical equipment. By combining modern imaging technology and traditional techniques, the hospital has especially been showing promise in treating patients with joint pain and lower back pain.   

Xi is excited to have the opportunity shadowing Doctor Wang, ShiPo who studied under celebrated Master Li, Guanghai. She will be learning the day to day responsibilities expected of these acupuncturists in a hospital setting and exercising most frequently used techniques in a wide range of patients.