Year of the Snake and What it Means for You

This post is copied from our older, original blog. Original post date 02/05/2013. 

By Marcie Bower, Lic.Ac.

On Feb 10th, we enter into the Year of the Snake in the Chinese Calendar. The Year of the Snake requires acute attention to detail, focus, and caution in our endeavors. While snakes are thought to be cunning with the ability to read a complex situation quickly and rationally, they can also be greedy, suspicious, and fickle.

This means that the Year of the Snake is a good time to really focus on details – research, investigation, financial stability, and inquisitive thinking are fully supported. The snake has a sneaky energy that can be used to your advantage – think creatively about how to get out of situations you don’t like, look for loopholes, invent new solutions. However, this sneaky energy also means that we must be cautious in our endeavors in the Year of the Snake, particularly around contracts and money.

The Year of the Snake can be a great one if you allow yourself to open up to your ambition, allow yourself to create a plan to reach your goals, and be willing to take on that added responsibility. However, weigh decisions carefully and make sure you are making them for the right reasons. Be introspective and use this opportunity to better understand yourself.

Snakes like to be protected and feel secure. Make decisions this year with the aim of security – financial, personal, professional, and otherwise. Make slow and steady progress towards your dreams, but be mindful to always keep your feet firmly on the ground and aware of your surroundings.

Happy New Year!